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Android development


Android phones already have 334.4 million shipments with 78% of the market share in the first quarter of 2015. Its highest smartphone user base makes it the revolution in the mobile industry.

At Holla Digital Technologies, we design easy to navigate, attractive, and user-friendly Android apps. Our concentration remains at providing you with the best UI and UX. We always follow the documentation of your requirement to meet every aspect of it while designing the app. We test your app at every step to ensure it is free from errors and bugs. Our development and testing process goes hand-in-hand. We offer you various changes, creativity, and updating the app as it gets launched in the market. At Holla Digital Technologies, you get exciting range of packages and our assistance on deciding on the features that you want for your Android app.

We help you to meet the multi-purpose business necessities through our prompt services. And thus we can customise the Android apps for the users. Usability, functionality, and quality are the three features that always reflect in our work.

iOS development


The first quarter of 2015 has witnessed 61.2 million shipments of Apple products. And we understand its high demand in the market and present aesthetically designed app that runs with iOS which would prove to be effective for you business. At Holla Digital Technologies we strive to achieve simple navigation and appropriate clarity.

At Holla Digital Technologies, we have through understanding of iOS and design visually pleasing apps for Apple. The design, navigation, and device fragmentation are the fortes of iOS. We give you flexible development options and follow on to provide continuous improvement for the app to set you apart from your competitors.

We build the wireframe design based on the requirement understanding that we receive from the clients’ end. By following the clients’ requirement details we give shape to the app and enhance the highlights of iOS app.

App Store Optimisation (ASO)


At a quick glance, it seems ASO is similar to SEO by helping more downloads of your app and gives better ranking. But the reality is with more apps in the market the competition is getting sturdy and at Holla Digital Technologies we help you to solve this problem with our expert team of ASO specialists.

Success for a mobile app depends on an effective marketing plan so that people starts using the app. We can ensure that our ASO will cater to you low cost solutions with high potential returns. We optimise every app so that Google Play Store and Apple Store rank it high.

By finding out the keywords we help your app to rank high and reach out to larger customer base by giving them what they are looking for the most. The apps gets ranked as per the total number of downloads and on the number of times the app gets downloaded in the past 3 days. Another aspect is our post-search elements include description and graphics that convinces the people to download once they have found the apps.