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About Us

A little bit about us.

Surpassing your expectations to infinity…

At Holla Digital Technologies, our major focus areas to develop creative and user-friendly Android and iOS applications. We follow latest application optimising feature with simple and accessible user interface as per clients’ requirement. And in that process, we ensure to deliver you flawless apps that stand out in the crowd.

Our advanced and elegant UI and UX are the key features that make every app unique about its look and feel. At Holla Digital Technologies, we combine functionality with design to produce effective apps that appeal the users. We just do not develop; we analyse, test, and run a follow through on the project even after its release. Thus technology along with brilliant creative ideas is the core idea behind our impressive app making process.

The process

We analyse as per your requirements

We collect your requirements and analyse them based on the market status. Based on the specifications given by you we carry out the analysis and prepare documentation of every step. After the competitor and market analysis we come to the clear understanding as to how to create the app that suits your requirements the best. At Holla Digital Technologies, we follow these important steps to give an edge over your competitors.

The details are in the design

These are written description and sketches that forms the wireframe of the app. It is achieved by our design team based on the requirement understanding of our clients’ vision. Our UI and UX are synchronised well to present you attractive design along with easy steps to navigate the apps. At Holla Digital Technologies we create user-friendly apps that showcase functionality, data design, architecture design, interface design, and procedural design.

Cracking up the codes

Programming is done by the development team based on the documentation arranged by the design team. Unit testing are done by our experts as we reach every milestone. The design is implemented and every module is integrated. The continuous development of a properly functional app requires these vital steps to be followed meticulously.

The rest depends on the tests

We test at every stage of development. At Holla Digital Technologies, we carry out rigorous and integrated testing to check the security, functionality, usability, and consistency of every app that we create. With advanced technology and sophisticated tools we ensure to deliver you error-free apps.

Constant follow-through

Upgrading and updating the apps is an integral part of app development. Our extensive market study combined with the clients’ requirements helps us to keep in touch with the constant changes in the app development. The changes that get escalated as per market and clients’ demand are upgraded in the apps.